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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Point Network Web3 Wallet Airdrop

In crypto world most of popular wen3.0 projects are not real decentralized. They are behind the scenes used to the system of  centralized domains, which can be taken away by domain registrars, centralized storage which can be censored by cloud storage providers and centralized browsers like Metamask extensions. As a result the system possible to be censored and hacked. 

If you talk about Point Network It's the first time real web3 experience which is really based on Web 3.0 decentralized.  If you start using it you will feel the real 
experience full web3 implementation

Today I will share the Point Network Recent Airdrop Offer to Earn Points Token by start using it. Currently there is no POINT value in the market but I hope it will come to real value very soon in CEX market. To earn POINT follow the instruction below.

Join Point Network Web3 Wallet Airdrop:

Step_1: Click This Twitter Link.

Step_2: Click Download Alpha.

Step_3: Select File Types & Click Download icon.

Step_4: Run the Node after Install Successfully.

Step_5: Click GENERATE for Signup AND Phrase.

Step_6: Save/Note your Phrase for LOGIN.


Step_8: Confirm the Box by Phrase Number.

Step_9: Final Step:  Type your Twitter ID in the Identity Box.

Step_10: Copy the Tweet Text in Big Box.

Step_11: Tweet the Verify Text & Copy the URL.

Step_12: Paste URL in Last Box & Click Check Tweet.

Step_13: Click Sure to Confirm.

NOTE: Do not delete the Tweet before 24H.

That's it.

To Understand more clearly please watch this video tutorial below.

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