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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

BTCs Testnet Setup AND Receive Hashpower

If you haven’t joined Satoshi Network’s BTCs Mining yet, check out the previous post first to Join BTCs Mining and follow today’s steps. And if you have already joined and are mining every day and now you need to increase mining speed, then of course today’s post is for you. I will show you in a very short time and simply how to increase your mining speed by 10k per day.

I have done a complete video tutorial on how to increase mining speed. You need to watch that video first to learn the using of the tools and setup information below.

Metamask Network Settings:

  • Network Name: Satoshi Chain Testnet.
  • RPC Url:
  • Chain ID: 1115
  • Symbol: TBTCS
  • Block Explorer URL:

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