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Saturday, April 16, 2022

BTCs Mining Airdrop

Join BTCs Mining Earn Future’s Diamond Today!

BTCs Mining Network is Bitcoin earning and a new digital currency BTCs coin mining app. The total supply of BTCs is limited. Early joining to this app user could earn genuine Bitcoin and under valued native currency BTCs through mining on the app. The project looking very good for crypto future like Pi Network. So many times already passed away so don’t loose more times. Mine BTCs as much as you can. Best of Luck!

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: BTCs Network.
Crypto Symbol: BTCs.
Coin Value: $$$.
Join Bonus: 100K Hash Power.
Refer Bonus: 20K-50K Hash Power.
Total Winners: ALL Participant.
Trust Rank: 98%.
Listed on: Soon.
END: When 2.1 bn Complete.
Distribution: Following the mining rules.
Video Tutorial: Yes. Video will come soon.

Step_1: Click this Link – Click Register & Start Mining.

Step_2: Complete Signup Process with Your Email.

Step_3: Install the App Open & Login.

Step_4: Click Start Mining – Verify ( Instant verify with NID and Face Verification).

Step_5: Click Start Mining & Your mining will start now.

Step_6: Click Receive BTCs to Claim your coin.

Step_7: Receive BTCs reaching 150 will suspend your mining.

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