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Saturday, January 1, 2022

VconoMics Reward Program

Join VconoMics Airdrop Get 700 MICS Coins Free!

VconoMics (MICS) is a newly coming digital cryptocurrency project by Vietnam intelligent team. It’s provides decentralized financial services with NFT and digital ecosystem using modern Blockchain technology. The VconoMics project is looking very strong, I think this will be another great crypto NFT project in 2022. Recently the project distributing free giveaway for pre joiners. Every pre register member could earn 700 MICS coin for Free. The referral income system is also available.

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: VconoMics Network.
Crypto Symbol: MICS.
Coin Value: $ Come Soon.
Total Bounty: Unlimited.
Joining Bonus: 50+700 MICS.
Refer Bonus: 100 MICS.
Total Winners: ALL.
Trust Rank: 98%.
Listed on: Pancakeswap on Jan, 10 2022.
END: 02/01/2022.
Distribution: Instant.
Withdraw: Come Soon.
Video Tutorial: Yes. Watch on YouTube.

Contract Address: 0xd1aa23b0303fa7c0c60c8f1e3823240d6f530c81

Note: If OTP not come, Try with good VPN.

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