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Sunday, January 23, 2022

JOJO Coin Airdrop

Join JOJO Quiz Get JOJO Coins Free!

Welcome to participate JOJO Quiz Competition and Earn JOJO Coins for Free. JoJO project is based on IP, Games, DAO, Smart Toy production and opportunities. If you search you could find Jojo in JOJO Magic War, JOJO Meta DAO, JOJO Smart Toy and JOJO Meta Farm. Recently JOJO starting a quiz competition and airdrop giveaway for early joiners. You can find all information about this airdrop below. Good luck!

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: JOJO Magic War.
Crypto Symbol: JOJO.
Coin Value: $$$.
Total Bounty: Limited.
Total Winners: Pass in Quiz Test.
Trust Rank: 99 %.
Listed on: CMC & CG.
END: 27 January 2022.
Distribution: End of the Campaign.
Withdraw: Soon.
Video Tutorial: No

Contract Address: 0

Don’t worry Man, I will give you the Answer Shit Typed in Below:

  1. Which JOJO NFTs are supported in the early stage of the JOJO Magic War?
    Answer : Origin JOJO NFT and Child JOJO NFT

2. How many matches are planned for each matchday once JOJO Magic Wars begins?
Answer : 10

3. How much $JOJO can 1st place get in a round
Answer : 100,000 $JOJO

4. How many matchday does JOJO Magic Wars have each season?
Answer : 20

5. After a season ends, how many people will be able to get the season rewards?
Answer : 100

6. How many magical attributes are there in JOJO Magic War?
Answer : 8

7. There is a restraint relationship between different types of magic. Which of the following options is incorrect?
Answer : Electric Magic restrains Ice Magic

8. In a round, Alice’s JOJO Clan played the card [Dark·Wind ATK 100], and Bob’s JOJO Clan played the card [Light·Earth ATK 180], How much damage did Alice do to Bob?
Answer : 200

9. Every time a game is completed, 10,000 $JOJOs will go directly into the season reward pool(no additional bonus). If 900 people participate in this season, how many $JOJOs will go directly into the season reward pool?
Answer : 300,000,000

10. If the total reward pool for a season is 500 million $JOJO, and you get 2nd, how much $JOJO will you get?
Answer : 20,000,000

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