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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Algo Wallet Airdrop

Join Algo Wallet Airdrop EARN $50 to $200 Free!

Algo Walletis Web 3.0 blockchain based multichain wallet for crypto future of the world. Who wants to use a secure and trusted multi chain easy web 3.0 wallet that is Algo Wallet. At present the network is in Beta Test Mood. Who joined the testing the wallet everyone will get rewarded by the team. So Algo Wallet Airdrop will be a great wallet offer in 2022. 

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: Algo Wallet.
Crypto Symbol: ALGO.
Coin Value: $$$.
Total Bounty: Unknown.
TestNet Bonus: $10-$100.
Total Winners: ALL Participant before END of the Test Net.
Trust Rank: 99%.
Listed on: CMC-CG.
END: Any Time.
Distribution: After END of the Test Net.
Video Tutorial: Yes. Upload Soon.

Step_1: Create ALGO Wallet with a Strong password and Must and Save Your Recovery Phrase.

Step_2: Copy Algo Receive Address & Deposit Test Balance Minimum 50.

Step_3: Deposit Algo Test Balance.

Step_4: Go to ALGO Domain Register & Find your Web 3.0 Name. Follow the Steps and Complete Registration.

Step_5: Fill This Form (Mandatory). That’s It.

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