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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Shiftal Exchange Rewards Program

Join Shiftal Exchange Get 100+ SFL Coins Free!

Friends, almost everyone now knows the Wazirx crypto exchange site. The name is now very famous and popular on Indian crypto platform. Before the start of the journey, everyone was offered a good quality free WRX coin to earn free for signup and invite. Today, there is no opportunity to earn free WRX coin.

However, friends, today we are going to share with you a new exchange site which is going to be more popular than the Wazirx. And the good news is that the site has already launched a free rewards program for users who are pre signup and invite their friends and family members. Friends, the name of the new crypto exchange site is Shiftal (SFL). All the detailed information about the Shiftal P2P Crypto Exchange is given below. You can also visit the official site to know and understand more about the aim and system of Shiftal Exchange.

The offer is very important so hopefully no one should forget to join here.

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: Shiftal Coin.
Crypto Symbol: SFL.
Coin Value: $0.10.
Total Bounty: Unlimited.
Joining Bonus: 50 SFL.
Refer Bonus: 20 SFL.
Total Winners: ALL.
Trust Rank: 99 %.
Listed on: Listing Soon.
END: Very Soon.
Distribution: Instant.
Withdraw: After Launch.
Video Tutorial: Yes. Watch on YouTube.

SFL Contract Address: 

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