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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

HTX Coin Airdrop

Join HashTrust Coin Airdrop Get Unlimited HTX Coins Free!

HashTrust (HTX) is a crypto mining coin for Hash Power speed. HTX is the future of cloud mining and stake mining technology. The HTX cryptocurrency based on Polygon and ERC20. The token is build for miners for holding their hashing power. Currently the HTX coin is completely free, No one need any investing to earning. To gain more power need more HTX and to get more HTX only job is to distribute HTX. In my crypto opinion I think the project is very profitable for the future. So everybody should join HTX coin Airdrop.

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: HashTrust.
Crypto Symbol: HTX.
Coin Value: $0.007.
Total Bounty: Unlimited.
Joining Bonus: 125 HTX.
Refer Bonus: 100 HTX.
Total Winners: ALL.
Trust Rank: 97 %.
Listed on: Coinpaprika.
END: Anytime.
Distribution: Instant.
Withdraw: Manually.
Video Tutorial: Yes. Watch on YouTube.

HTX Contract Address: 0xA31ea01c4C9dDe02FC374B3c394b106fE3756EF0 (Polygon Network).

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