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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Panther Quant Airdrop

Join Panther Quant Airdrop WIN PNTQ Coins.

Panther Quant Airdrop PNTQ is a great and wonderful project, this project is very good and this projector has a lot of attractions, so hopefully the project will be better in the future and PNTQ coin will be the best. I have participated in following the guidelines and roles of this airdrop, I hope that many people well be lucky to the get a prize from this airdrop.

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: Panther Quant.
Crypto Symbol: PNTQ.
Coin Value: $0.98.
Total Bounty: $100.000 worth PNTQ.
Wining Bonus: 15000 winners get $5 worth PNTQ each.
Refer Bonus: Top 500 Referrals to get $50 worth PNTQ each.
Refer Bonus 2: Top 10 Winners to get guaranteed spot in Public Sale (2).
Trust Rank: 99 %.
Listed on: CMC & CG.
END: 24-12-2021.
Distribution: 21-12-2021.

Contact Address: Coming Soon.

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