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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Hyper INU Airdrop

Join Hyper INU Airdrop Get Huge Hyper Coins Free!

Hyper INU Airdrop Description: Multiple Play-To-Earn games will be available on this platform, both free and paid.
At the moment, the Hyper Inu Team is in the process of brainstorming, exchanging and discussing ideas. There will be multiplayer PvP battles, farming, real-time strategy and puzzle games.

Airdrop Information:

Crypto Name: Hyper INU.
Website: https://hyperinu.com/
Crypto Symbol: HPE.
Coin Value: 0.0000003 $.
Total Bounty: Unlimited.
Joining Bonus: 30 Million HPE.
Refer Bonus: 10 Million HPE.
Total Winners: ALL.
Trust Rank: 95 %.
Listed on: Hotbit, CMC & CG.
Distribution: 31-12-2021.

Contact Address: 0xe11F708A7769cB2D26cED9fd12bA54f6d07bF850

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